10-krone - 2016 - Uncirculated coin (roll of 20 pcs)

10-krone - 2016 - Uncirculated coin (roll of 20 pcs)
200,00  DKK
Year 2016
Uncirculated 10-krone minted in 2016 sold in rolls of 20 pcs. to 200 DKK.

New 10-krone coin with the modified obverse and reverse design was put into circulation in January 2011.

The portrait of the Queen
The dominating decoration of the 10-krone coin is a portrait of the Queen, in keeping with the tradition for the highest values of the Danish coin series. The portrait is the work of the sculptress, Lis Nogel, and was used on the commemorative issued to mark the Queen´s 70th birthday.

A heart
Below the portrait is the year of minting. There is also a small heart, the mint mark. This is a symbol showing the place of minting, the Royal Danish Mint. The use of the heart is a century old tradition, originally indicating the mint master, later the place of minting. Today the mint mark serves no practical purpose, since Danish coins are only minted in one place.

The small coat of arms on the reverse
The reverse of the 10-krone coin depicts the small coat of arms. It comprises three lions and nine hearts under one crown. The three crowned lions have been used by Danish kings for the last 800 years. In the 16th century the number of hearts was set at nine. The hearts may not be hearts at all, but heraldic lily leaves (floating hearts) which in turn may be derived from linden leaves.

The reverse of the 10-krone coin is designed by the Royal Heraldic Painter Ronny Andersen and is used for coins minted as from 2011.

Technical specifications:
Alloy: Aluminium bronze
Diameter: 23.35 mm
Weight: 7.0 grams
Rim: Smooth
Delivered in a roll of 20 pcs.

Initials on the 10-krone
Jørgen Strandgaard and Henrik Wiberg - JS and HW
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