1000-krone banknote, 2009 series

1000-krone banknote, 2009 series
1.000,00  DKK
Signature on the banknotes
The 1000-krone banknote, depicting the Great Belt Bridge and the Sun Chariot, was issued on 24 May 2011.

The theme of the banknotes is Danish bridges and the surrounding landscapes, or details from these landscapes. The artist Karin Birgitte Lund has chosen to interpret this theme in two ways: bridges as links between various parts of Denmark and as links between the past and the present.

The present is represented by the bridges, the past by five distinctive prehistoric objects found near the bridges.

The sequence number is in the lower right-hand corner. The individual serial numbers of the banknotes are stated on the left-hand side just below the denomination. It should be noted that the serial number is six digits followed by a letter.

Signature on the banknotes:
Hugo Frey Jensen - A512xx
Per Callesen - A512xx
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