Welcome to the Royal Danish Mint

Since 1975, the Royal Danish Mint has been a part of Danmarks Nationalbank, when the latter took over the Royal Danish Mint from the government. In 1739, the Royal Danish Mint, which had previously operated on a subcontractor basis, became an independent institution in Copenhagen. When absolute monarchy was abolished in 1849, administration of the Royal Danish Mint was transferred to the Ministry of Finance.

The Royal Danish Mint has been situated at various locations in Copenhagen, including at the corner of Holbergsgade and Herluf Trolles Gade (1873-1923). In 1923-78, a building at Amager Boulevard 115 housed the Royal Danish Mint. In 1978, the Royal Danish Mint moved to facilities at Solmarksvej in Brøndby

In March 2012, the Royal Danish Mint moved back to the city centre to facilities at Danmarks Nationalbank in Havnegade. 

Subject to the approval of the Ministry of Business and Growth, Danmarks Nationalbank determines the appearance of Danish banknotes and coins and their denominations.

Read more about coins on Danmarks Nationalbank's website.

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