Coin Set 2014

200,00  DKK
The 2014 Coin Set will be issued 13 November 2014.

The ordinary version includes the six coins in the Danish coin series.
The coins are minted with several strokes and are thus more clearly embossed than the ordinary coins in circulation. The coin set is minted in a limited edition.

The medal – Royal monogram
This set includes a medal in Nordic gold. The obverse of the medal shows the Royal Danish Mint’s mark, a heart, under a crown, while the reverse theme is royal monogram. This year’s medal shows a reproduction of the monogram used for some of the coins issued during the reign of King Christian IX from 1863 to 1906.

2014 Coin Set
Six circulation coins and the Royal Danish Mint's medal in Nordic gold.

Technical specification - Medal:
Alloy Nordic gold - copper, aluminium, zinc and tin
Diameter of 30.0 mm
Weight of 13.3 gram
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