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Coin Set 2016 - Proof version

875,00  DKK
The 2016 Coin Set proof version.

The proof version also includes the six coins in the Danish coin series, dated 2016. Furthermore, it includes the same medal as the ordinary coin set, but minted in fine silver.

The coins in the proof set are minted using at least three strokes with extremely well polished dies on specially treated coin blanks in order to ensure their very fine quality. The proof coin set is minted in a limited edition.

The medal – Royal monogram
This set includes the medal in silver. The obverse of the medal shows The Royal Danish Mint’s mark, a heart, under a crown, while the reverse shows royal monogram as a novelty. This year’s medal shows a reproduction of the monogram used in the reign of King Christian VIII's (1839-1848). The monogram has never been used on coins, but recreated for the coin, based on an entry sign courtesy of Post & Tele Museum.

A monogram consists of initials referring to the first letters of a person's or a couple's first and last names. The elegantly interwoven and often mirrored initials first appeared in the late 17th century. Originally the were used only by the upper classes – royalty and nobility – but later, towards the end of the 19th century, monograms came into more widespread use.

2016 Coin Set Proof version
Six circulation coins and the Royal Danish Mint's medal in silver (Ag 925).

Technical specification - Medal:
Alloy Silver 999‰
Diameter of 30.0 mm
Weight of 16.8 gram

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