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Coin Set 2018

200,00  DKK
The 2018 coin set includes Denmark's coin series minted in 2018. The coin set contains the 50-øre and the 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-krone.

The coins are minted especially for the coin set and are of a higher quality than ordinary circulating coins.

2018 theme – Danmarks Nationalbank's 200th anniversary
Danmarks Nationalbank was established in 1818, and this year the 200th anniversary was celebrated with a number of activities. The anniversary is also this year's theme which describes the 200-year history of the coins. The coins are presented in an exclusive booklet with Danmarks Nationalbank's special anniversary design. Limited edition of kr. 200.

Read more about the anniversary Nationalbankens hjemmeside.

The coin set is a perfect gift idea for families and coin collectors.

Pictures: Rasmus Holst Nielsen, Nationalmuseet. CC-BY-SA

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