Coin Set for Children 2016

225,00  DKK
The Coin Set for Children 2016 was issued 23 February 2016.

Coin Set for Children 2016 unfolds like a picture book with lovely colours and drawings of Teddy Bear and his family at the beach.

The coin set includes a cut out paper with teddy bears. The clothes for the teddy bears can be printed from this link, so with crayons and scissors a fun play can get started.

Besides a medal made of Nordic Gold, the coin set comprises Denmark's coin series, i.e. 50-øre, 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-krone coins minted in 2016.

From 2016 the initials of the coins will be the mint master (Lars Gerrild Sørensen) and the medallist (Henrik Wiberg). The initials are placed on the coins front left and right of the year.

It is the last time that the Coin Set for Children will be minted in Denmark.

The coin set and medal is illustrated by senior graphic designer Jeanette Skov Jensen at Danmarks Nationalbank.

Technical specification - medal:
Alloy Nordic gold - copper, aluminium, zinc and tin
Diameter of 30.0 mm
Thickness of 2.8 mm
Weight of 13.3 gram
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