HM Queen Margrethe II´s 75th birthday - 500-krone coin silver

500,00  DKK
On special occasions in the Royal House, Danmarks Nationalbank will issue a commemorative coin.

Her Majesty the Queen's 75th birthday on 16 April 2015 was a special occasion, and therefore a 500 krone silver coin, a 20 krone coin in a proof version and 20-krone coin for general circulation were issued.

New portrait of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II
By choice of the Queen, the portrait has a personal focus showing a private side of the Queen without tiara or jewellery.

The obverse of the coin has been modeled by medallist Henrik Wiberg at Danmarks Nationalbank. As something new, he has chosen to show a beautiful, natural and personal portrait of the Queen in three quarters profile. The Queen has a present look with a thoughtful and proud view into both the past and future.

The reverse has been designed by senior graphic designer Jeanette Skov Jensen at Danmarks Nationalbank. She has designed a personal coin inspired by the Queen's beautiful watercolours with motives from Denmark. The motif changes between horizon and vertical lines, the weather, and daytime and seasons – and as "an extra layer" the Queen's personal signature is shown.

Technical specification:
Alloy 999 ‰ fine silver (Ag)
Diameter 38.0 mm
Weight 31.1 gram
Face value of DKK 500.00
Delivered in a box

Issued: 8 April 2015
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