HM Queen Margrethe II´s 80th birthday - Proof version (20-krone coin in a box)

125,00  DKK
On special occasions in the Royal House, Danmarks Nationalbank will issue a commemorative coin.

Her Majesty the Queen's 80th birthday on 16 April 2020 was a special occasion, and therefore a 500 krone silver coin, a 20 krone coin in a proof version and 20-krone coin for general circulation were issued.

Proof version
To achieve this quality, the surface of the embossing die is polished very smooth and the engraving is given a special treatment. Special coin presses are used, and each coin is embossed carefully with several strokes. The embossed areas of the coins have a silky sheen.
The 20-krone proof coin was minted in a limited edition.

The portrait shows the Queen in profile, facing right. It is made by the sculptor Lis Nogel.

The reverse shows a motif based on symbols referring to the Queen's motto and her artistic work: a heart encircled by 12 pairs of scissors. The motto is reflected in the heart (the people's love) and the circle (Denmark's strength). The scissor blades form the letter M- for Margrethe - and the circle represents people sticking together. The reverse is designed by the graphic designer Jeanette Skov Jensen.

ALLOY CU92 Al6 Nl2
Issued on 16 April 2020
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